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    TEL:0756-8818851 FAX:0756-8302337





    About Us

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      Zhuhai Weihang Logistics Co., Ltd. is a modernized warehousing logistics company registered by Zhuhai Industrial and Commercial Bureau and franchised by Zhuhai Transportation Bureau. The company provides integrated modern logistics such as domestic air freight, LTL, vehicle, transportation, distribution, packaging and warehousing.
      Weihang was initially established as Zhuhai Weihang Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. Thanks to the support of people from all walks of life, it is now renamed Zhuhai Weihang Logistics Co., Ltd. The company’s headquarters is located in Beishan Industrial Zone, Nanping, Zhuhai, with an elegant environment and convenient transportation. Covers an area of 8,000 square meters. Has established long-term cooperative relations with hundreds of companies. With a group of outstanding talents in the express logistics industry, modern labor management concepts, and strict operation process management, we provide customers with "high-quality, fast, and safe" services. We are trusted by customers with our rich experience. We, as always, uphold the principle of "the whole process, as close as you are", to provide you with high-quality and reliable services.
      The company passed the examination and approval of the State Post Administration and obtained the domestic express delivery business license.
    Weihang Logistics adopts cargo safety responsibility system, vehicle global positioning system (GPS), advanced handheld terminal equipment and network management platform, and a complete and efficient after-sales service network. It monitors the entire service process in real time and provides customers with safe and reliable quality services. . Weihang Cargo's comprehensive and multi-functional integrated logistics services have effectively improved logistics execution efficiency and operation quality, and enhanced customers' market resilience and competitiveness.
    Weihang Logistics' market-oriented and customer-centric business philosophy has won the unanimous trust of customers. Weihang Logistics will continue to uphold the corporate spirit of "high quality, efficiency, integrity, and unity", and integrate scientific resources. Advanced management orientation, strong operation capabilities, and closely following the development trend of modern logistics in the world, have built the company into a leading modern logistics enterprise with a high degree of specialization, networking, informationization and standardization in China.
      core values of the company
      Professionalism wins trust, integrity wins respect, and team wins the future.
      Business philosophy
       Attentive throughout the whole process, to live up to the trust.
      Enterprise spirit
       arduous and solid, honest commitment, practical results": to work hard to build a solid corporate foundation; to promise first-class corporate services with the faith of integrity; to create efficient corporate performance with the spirit of hard work.